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/CPEU Cosmetics Production Equipment Entrepreneurs Association Held in Anhui
CPEU Cosmetics Production Equipment Entrepreneurs Association Held in Anhui
December 02, 2022
In order to better promote horizontal exchanges and cooperation among upstream equipment member companies, under the joint initiative of Xu Gong, Secretary-General of the Oriental Beauty Valley Cosmetics Technology Research Center, the famous production management expert of the Center's Production Equipment Committee, and the national model worker Wang Jianrong, members of the center With the strong support of Hefei Hagong Longyan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., some equipment manufacturing enterprises from Suzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Lishui, Hefei and other places were organized in Hefei, Anhui on November 16-17. They conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the complementary advantages of their respective products in the cosmetics equipment industry, aiming to promote the sharing of various resources and achieve win-win development in the industry.
At the meeting, everyone agreed that the existing forms of industries must take the road of joint development, work together and develop together. During the meeting, Zhang Heng, general manager of Harbin Engineering Longyan, welcomed the leaders of the center and upstream entrepreneurs from all over the country, and thanked them for coming to Harbin Engineering Longyan for inspection, guidance and exchange in spite of their busy schedules. And accompanied him to visit Harbin Institute of Technology Robotics (Hefei) International Innovation Research Institute and Harbin Institute of Technology Longyan Hefei Factory.
Chairman Li Xinli of Hefei Harbin Longyan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced in detail the development history of Longyan and its technical achievements in the daily chemical industry. Relying on the powerful technology platform of Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group, Harbin Institute of Technology Longyan covers the daily chemical industry in industrial robots and supporting application projects, forming a complete system, advanced and efficient technological ecology. In the past few years, a variety of assembly line equipment has been used in the cosmetics industry. The company insists on innovation as the foundation, technology as the productivity, and product and service as the orientation, aiming to provide customers with perfect smart factory solutions.
Hefei Hagong Longyan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. In 2017, it was moved from Jiading, Shanghai to Hefei under the inspiration of the Hefei Municipal Government. It received strong support from the leaders of Hefei Economic Development Zone and Harbin Engineering Robot Industry Research Institute. At present, the Hefei factory covers an area of 12,000 square meters. Mainly engaged in robot unpacking and sealing all-in-one machine, logistics transfer system (lifting + corridor conveying + screw conveying), visual automatic sorting and robot multi-station palletizing system, automatic weighing and feeding system for powder products; this year just passed 5000 RMB 10,000 in Series A financing. In the Chaohu Economic Development Zone, 94 mu of land has been acquired, and the Chaohu factory building is already under construction. Chairman Li Xinli believes that with the help of the center and the support of everyone, we will combine our years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with the characteristics of the development of cosmetic equipment to jointly promote the development of China's cosmetic equipment manufacturing and industrial digital transformation, and contribute our own strength!
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